New Dimension Controls, Inc.

Integration Services

Networking & Communications

Networking PLC and HMI equipment for total SCADA Systems operations, Intranet LANS, and Interfacing HMI/MMI graphics systems for web access.


Creating custom control panels for PLC control cabinets and control desk centers.


Good drawings are a critical asset for an end-user, that’s why NDC makes accurate drawings to be used by the maintenance staff and for project management. We can use different software to produce as-builts, but we standardize on proven AutoCAD techniques.


NDC creates custom programming for PLCs and tailors any program to meet the customer’s needs. Human Machine Interface (HMI) software programming is our specialty. Combining HMI with data analysist software can be a powerful tool in the evaluating process.


Engineering and specification for control, PID Loop Tuning in the PLCs for VFD control, troubleshooting and calibration.