New Dimension Controls, Inc.


Electrical and Controls Design

In partnership with PSI, NDC can provide a Hawaii Electrical Engineer stamped design. A Nevada Control Systems Engineering stamped design may also be provided (Note that Hawaii has no category for Control Systems Engineering)

Existing System Evaluations

Many opportunities for productivity increases, better plant utilization, safety improvements, and cost savings exist as a plant ages.

Services include:

CAD Drawings

For both new projects as well as in the Site Discovery Audit Service, complete CAD Drawing services are provided. Up to date “As Built” drawings are essential to future plant enhancements as well as providing confidence during an emergency situation that accurate information (drawings) are available.

Radio Surveys

Through years of radio work experience, we are able to confidently provide radio path surveys to allow you to develop your SCADA infrastructure. Unlike mobile radio providers, a SCADA system has fixed locations which have to work. We’ll help get you there.